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*HEI Teacher Diploma in English has higher price because it has 10 modules while HEI Teacher Diploma in Mandarin and in Spanish have only 6 modules. 

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I feel confident taking the course while working in a full-time position simply because the platform is so practical and I can do it all at my own pace. I also love that I can apply all the methods I’m learning with the kids I work with to improve our daily routines.
Bianca de Cassia Garcia
Diploma teacher, Canada
I like HEI Schools because they have the highest standards of safety and education. I have been teaching preschoolers for nine years and counting, and never in my entire career have I experienced this way of training.
Randy Matito
Diploma teacher, Vietnam
I enjoy the program as it's well-designed and easy to follow even for someone who has no foundation in ECE pedagogy. The program has guided me through important aspects of play-based learning step by step with practical assignments and ideas for real-life situations.

Nararat Vachiramanaporn
Diploma Teacher, Thailand