Welcome to HEI for Parents FREE online handbook!

What is HEI for Parents?

It is a FREE digital handbook for any parents who wish to understand play-based learning and why it works so well. We also share what Finnish parents do with their children to get you inspired on your parenting journey!
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Well-researched content

All content is carefully-designed and researched by our team of pedagogical and parenting experts .

Real-life examples

This handbook provides you with practical real-life examples and best practices to implement at home.

Activities & tips

You will receive engaging activity ideas to do together with your child and practical tips for everyday situations. 

Videos & downloadables

Engaging videos of various activities and useful downloadable materials to support you in different situations with your child. 

HEI for Parents Chapters

1. Why childhood matters?

• The first seven magical years in children’s lives
• The benefits of a good childhood
• The importance of being a good role model for your child 

2. Understanding childhood development

• The importance of understanding and how to support the child’s growth and development
• How to take the holistic approach to parenting
• Practical tips on how to support your child’s independence

3. Foundations of Finnish ECE

• Finnish education promotes the holistic and play-based approach
• Strong collaboration between home and school supports the child’s learning and development
• Practical tips on how you can support your child’s learning in the home environment

 4. Positive parenting

• How to support your child with their emotional responses
• Practical tips on how to manage challenging everyday situations with your child with positive methods
• How to say no to your children in a positive way

5. Daily routines and boundaries for children

• The importance of clear and repetitive daily routines for young children
• Example of a daily routine to implement at home
• How to create and settle boundaries for your child

6. Family time

• The importance of spending time together as a family
• How to participate your child in everyday activities and how to make a screentime agreement for the whole family
• Concrete family activity ideas to do together in the weekend